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RNLB Myrtle & Trevor Gurr (D-704)

D-704 Myrtle & Trevor Gurr

St Davids ILB 'Myrtle & Trvor Gurr' at her naming in 2008.  Photo: Lyndon Lomax

The RNLB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr (D-704) is one of the RNLIs highly successful IB1 inflatable inshore rescue craft. She was allocated to the station in December 2008 and was donated by Mr Richard Gurr at a cost of approximately 31,000. She is the second ILB to be placed at St Davids following the RNLB Dewi Sant / St David (D-543) which served at St Davids from 1998.

The boat is stored in the original lifeboat house which was renovated in 1998. She is launched from a trailer towed by a 4 wheel drive quad down a slipway to the beach.

The boat is 4.95m (16'3") in length and 2m (6'7") beam, constructed of nylon coated with hypalon and is fitted with a 50hp outboard motor to give a top speed of 25 knots. As an inshore lifeboat there are limits placed upon her operation and she is usually escorted by the all weather boat when operating at the upper end of these limits.

The D class is fitted with VHF radio, GPS (satellite) plotter for navigation, night vision, first aid equipment, anchor and drogue. In the event of capsize she can be manually righted by her 3 crew members.