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RNLB Garside (47-026)

RNLB Garside 47-026

The RNLB Garside is the St Davids station all weather lifeboat. She was allocated to the station in 1988 on completion of her construction at Fairey Marine, IOW. The RNLB Garside was donated to the RNLI by Thomas Harold Garside and his sister Dorothy.

The RNLB Garside is a Tyne Class lifeboat - known as the Fast Slipway Boat (FSB). Capable of operating in all weather conditions, she is14.3m ( 47’) long with a 4.48m (14'8") beam and 1.8m (5’) draft. The boat weighs about 26 tonnes and is constructed of a steel hull with aluminium superstructure. She is powered by twin General Motors six cylinder diesel engines, each producing 425hp giving a maximum speed of 17.5 knots and a range of 240 nautical miles. The boat is designed to self-right within 10 seconds in the event of capsize.

The RNLB Garside is fitted with VHF (fixed and portable) and MF radios with GMDSS and an onboard intercom system. She also has a VHF direction finder, two echo sounders, radar, decca navigator, GPS (satellite) navigators (fixed and handheld) and a laser plotter for navigation. The lifeboat is equipped with two basket stretchers and a Neil Robertson stretcher, first aid equipment, a salvage pump, fire hose and general service pump, a small inflatable rowing boat, night vision equipment, searchlights, breeches buoy, flares and rocket lines. There is seating in the wheelhouse for the seven crew with additional seating for survivors in the fore and aft cabins.

When built she cost approximately 530,000 but underwent a refit in 1999 at a cost of almost 100,000.